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Iaso Tea Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Iaso Tea Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Iaso Tea is a weight-loss and cleansing product that is claimed to detoxify the user's body and promote weight loss effects through a blend of nine essential herbs. These ingredients are said to work together in a synergy to restore your well-being with an accent on digestive health. It works by cleansing your digestive system from fats, parasites, toxins, and worms giving it an opportunity to rebalance itself. In this way, it promotes the absorption of minerals and vitamins in your digestive tract. The product also contains laxatives that improve bowel movements and promote weight loss. To get the higher mentioned benefits, all you will have to do is to consume the tea twice a day, according to the product's official website. Before we discuss the ingredients found in the product's formula, let us take a look at who the manufacturer of Iaso Tea is?

This tea is manufactured by the company called Total Life Changes. It is a network marketing company that also produces a wide array of other nutritional supplements. The headquarters of the company is in Fair Haven, Michigan. The most popular product from the brand is Iaso Tea. The company is not popular or well-known in the country and still has not established a good reputation in the industry. They claim that the quality of their products is above average, but this claim still needs to be proven. The company also offers free trials for some of their products. The product we are discussing today is produced from natural ingredients. It is claimed not to cause any side effects. Can Iaso Tea really cleanse your body, promote weight loss, and restore your digestive health? To answer this question it is important to take a look at its ingredients.

Ingredients of Iaso Tea - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

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Iaso Tea works by using a special combination of herbs that possess different health benefits. The manufacturer claims that its active ingredients are effective at cleansing the user's digestive tract and enhancing natural detoxification processes in the body. The formula also uses natural ingredients that feature essential nutrients in their content. The product also contains one ingredient that helps to improve liver function while protecting liver cells from possible toxic damage. Since the official website of the manufacturer does not depicts Iaso Tea ingredients in detail we decided to do our own research of the topic.

We found out that the formula contains Holy Thistle, an ingredient that is considered to be able to detoxify the liver. Actually, it has been used in traditional medicine for the treatment of lives issues for a long time. It contains a powerful flavonoid called Silymarin which protects the liver from damage. Unfortunately, this compound may cause a number of side effects which will be discussed further in this review. Blessed Thistle is a popular natural aid for purifying the blood. It is believed to be able to treat digestive problems and stimulate the user's appetite. More research is required to back up these claims. Persimmon Leaves have been shown to contain flavonoids and tannins which have some health benefits. This ingredient can be found in natural medications for the treatment of hay fever and other allergies. There is lack of information on whether Japanese persimmon is safe to use. There are reports that it can cause allergic reactions.

Malva Leaves are known to be a natural mild laxative that works by soothing membranes in the digestive system. It is often used as a natural expectorant and for the treatment of sore throats in traditional Chinese medicine. This compound may be linked to some adverse reactions in pregnant and breast-feeding women. Marsh Mallow is another mild laxative that has a history of being used for the treatment of respiratory tract irritations. This ingredient also has some health restrictions. Papaya is known to be rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. It contains papain, a powerful digestive enzyme which boosts digestive system function. Chamomile is known as an antibacterial tonic and treatment for digestive disorders. Ginger is another natural remedy for digestive issues. Myrrh is rich in antioxidants and is used as a treatment for sore throat. Some studies have shown that it can protect the liver from toxic damage but this supposition needs more evidence.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Iaso Tea does not say anything about possible side effects of this supplement, but it does not mean that this tea can be used safely by everyone. Holy thistle extract contained in the product can cause nausea, diarrhea, intestinal gas, pain, feeling of fullness, loss of appetite, and headache. It should be avoided by pregnant and breast-feeding women, those who have allergy to ragweed and related plants, diabetics, and patients with hormone-sensitive conditions. Marshmallow root can cause dizziness and upset stomach in some cases, for this reason it is recommended to start with a low dose and increase it gradually to a full dose. Do not take marshmallow root for longer than four weeks. Be sure to take a break before resuming use. Talk to your doctor if you are taking any other supplement or medications before starting Iaso Tea. It has been found to interact with diabetes drugs and lithium. It can also interfere with absorption of other medications, since marshmallow contained in the product tends to coat the stomach. Avoid using this tea if you have diabetes, are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have a scheduled surgery within the next two weeks.

There are quite many customer reviews about Iaso Tea on third-party websites. Many buyers are not pleased with their purchase at all. They report that this is not the real product. It is not strong enough to produce any effect though the users followed all the instructions. Many unsatisfied buyers want a refund. Many other complaints include ineffectiveness in terms of weight loss, side effects (diarrhea, gas, loose stools, etc.), horrible taste, and poor customer service. Here are some of the actual users' reviews available online.

"I ordered Iaso Tea and was charged for a one-month supply. When I opened the box I realized that I only received a one-week supply. What does it mean? I have never had an issue of the kind before. I was looking forward to a complete product. I tried to reach the company but in vain."

"I have used IASO Tea for about six months but this product did not show any effect. There are cheaper teas that work much better. It tastes like sage and a mix of seasoning herbs. I think I received a fake product. I don't known whether it is worth buying from a local distributor. I am not ready to waste my money."

"I was not pleased with IasoTea at all. I originally tried this product from a Total Life representative and I liked it. But the product I received from Amazon tastes differently, looks differently, and, what is more important, I felt no difference after drinking it. It made me feel jittery as if I consumed too much caffeine. I will be returning to a cheaper option."

Where To Buy Iaso Tea?

The company offers a free trial online according to which you can try the product for a whole month. A one month's supply on the official website is priced at $44.95. The product can also be bought from Amazon. A one month supply of Iaso Tea costs $35.99 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.

My Final Summary

Iaso Tea appears to have a lot of disadvantages. There is no evidence that the product works well, especially in regards to weight loss. It is not made by a highly regarded or popular supplement company. Little is known about the manufacturer of this tea. The price of the supplement is high compared to similar formulas available on the market. There are many negative reviews from those who have tried it. They say that it is ineffective for weight loss. Most of its ingredients are nothing more than laxatives that may cause dehydration. With all this in mind, Iaso Tea cannot be recommended to usage.